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Celebrating 25 years of Excellence

In existence for nearly 25 years, Dr. Uppal’s ENT Hospital has a renowned reputation as a pioneering center for Ear Nose and Throat diseases (medical and surgical treatment of ear, hearing, balance, and sinus and voice. Our team specializes in treating difficult and chronic conditions such as dizziness, hearing loss, ear infections, ringing in the ears, sinus, allergy ,voice and snoring problems, offering hope to many patients with difficult or unresolved problems.Whether you’re a new patient, seeking a second opinion, a senior wanting to improve your hearing, or have a child with recurrent ear infections, we provide comprehensive treatment options and solutions, continually searching for ways to advance patient care through cutting edge evidence-based techniques and clinical expertise. Conveniently located in Panch pakhadi, Thane. We invite you to explore here and learn more about the Dr. Uppals ENT Hospital.

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Providing you with the latest techniques and technologies before they’re available anywhere else is our goal. And adopting ground breaking treatments of tomorrow, our mission.

In addition to being a -renowned center of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ears, nose and throat , the Dr Uppal’s ENT Hospital offers a number of other services, including hearing aids, allergy treatment, snoring and sleep apnea treatments and more.

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Meet our specialised team from Dr Uppals ENT Hospital.